Wednesday, 30 July 2008


We stayed with my cousin in Oakville, just outside of Toronto and her house was not only wondrous in its dimensions, but it was gleaming. I mean it quite literally gleamed. I was impressed beyond measure. I now feel inspired.
We have a long weekend coming up and it is my intention to paint some more walls, to banish the Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup colour, but now I will also scrub and polish and scrub some more.

It seems almost impossible that tomorrow is the 31st of July. Almost, but not quite.

The Sea-to-Sky highway, which Kevin and I had to travel a few times during the winter, has been closed by a rockfall. It will possibly be closed for five days while they clear it and this effectively cuts Whistler off from Vancouver.
There are some dodgy roads in paradise.

My walk to and from work is now taking ten minutes longer than usual because the blueberries are starting to ripen. It's impossible to walk past them and what can you do, really, leave them for the raccoons?
For just a split second yesterday, I thought there was a small black bear loping towards me down the Shell Road trail, but then I realised it was actually a large dog that seemed to have forgotten to take its human for a walk.

In the TV series Robin Hood, they seem to have killed off Maid Marion, and I fear that the Sheriff of Nottingham has got his lustful mitts on Guy of Gisborne.
I suppose with Keith Allen playing the Sheriff, there was always the possibility for gaiety.
Or maybe Guyity.


Sleepy said...

The English abroad... Jay cloths, Ajax and Jif!

Schneewittchen said...

We do like things to be tidy and clean, 'tis true.
My cousin is kind of half and hlaf. One of the things that sets my hygiene nerves a-jangling is the practice here of washing up straight into the sink, ie with no bowl. It just makes me want to go eeeeeeuw, just think what goes down that sink that you don't want touching your eating bits and bobs. But my cousin's sink! It would have passed the Kim and Aggie test! It sparkled like I've never seen stainless steel sparkle before!

Sleepy said...

ATM could buff stainless steel to a mirror like shine!
Sleepy Mansions has a washing up bowl.
Cuts down on water wastage too.