Thursday, 10 July 2008


I don't really fancy the idea of the musical 'Mamma Mia' on the basis that it is in fact a musical. Having read Peter Bradshaw's review in the Guardian, I think I would make considerable effort to avoid it. The review makes inspired reading, I think he's probably spot-on but I hope never to find out personally.

One of the things I miss from back home, is being able to get to the end of a sentence without being interrupted, or, if I, or whoever is speaking DOES get interrupted, those listening are able to retain the beginning of the sentence and expect you to continue.
Just saying.

But then perhaps that is what has prompted me to write, I never used to in Britain.

On the 'plane back to Vancouver, two films were shown, both were aeroplane class movies.
The first was some old tosh which was disappointing, since it starred legends Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. The bucket list was about as entertaining as an evening in reading the instructions on the microwave. This could have been improved instantly by having Bette Midler and Kathy Bates play the two characters.

The other film was rather surprising. 'Fool's Gold' with Matthew McConaughey already sounds like a recipe for disaster, and of course his bit was. But Kate Hudson was excellent, and really should be given some proper acting parts. Donald Sutherland was also, as always, a welcome addition, he was playing an Englishman, while Ray Winstone played and American. I love Winstone as an actor, but in this film I felt Sutherland did a better job.
The storyline was ...meh...but it didn't bore me into a coma, so that's quite positive really.

On TV we have been watching 'Swingtown', which I have mentioned before because 'Coupling's' Jack Davenport is in it. It's an excellent programme because it explores some of the emerging issues surrounding sexual liberation for women in the 70s.

Another film that we watched shortly after returning is '1408'. Genuinely creepy. I love a well thought out premiss. Nicely done and thought-provoking, given as I am to thoughts of hell.

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