Thursday, 17 July 2008


My God, the city of Vancouver and the mountains behind look mystical from my bedroom window, mist floating between Grouse and Seymour.

Hanging in the sky, like the stairway to Heaven, are the lights on the piste on Grouse.

There's not much snow up there at the moment, but there is some.

The wolf enclosure at Grouse mountain is up a fairly steep little path, so when Kris asked me to take the seniors up there while she parked the bus, I feared that I would be leading them panting and they -athletic all - would be springing past me like mountain goats.

It didn't quite work out that way, but a couple did get ahead of me and horrified me by grabbing hold of the wire fence on which were bright yellow signs saying 'Electrified Fence'. Turned out that was inside the labelled one. Phew.
Then one gentleman started howling at the wolves.
Seniors behaving badly. Hmmmm.
The wolf got up, looked as though he were going to mosey on over and then hung a left and showed his contempt.

The day was glorious, glorious.
We saw the bears, we saw ravens, we saw raptors and we only had one minor medical emergency.

All that and salmon for lunch.

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