Thursday, 31 July 2008


The country is appalled today, and I mean that in the most literal sense of the word, by the news that a passenger on a greyhound bus in Manitoba, repeatedly stabbed and then decapitated a fellow passenger who was listening to his i-pod. He did it 'like a robot'. Truly, truly psychotic behaviour, but blimey, doesn't bear thinking about. So far they're saying it was a random killing, so someone's son, just an ordinary kid, brother, boyfriend, gets carved up by a psycho killer and his head held aloft to taunt the police. Beyond sick.

This weekend is Pride, the 30th year for Vancouver. I imagine the face of it has changed over those thirty years. 1978 would have been before the AIDS crisis, before gay marriage, before so much. I guess the gay community in Squamish and Whistler won't be represented unless they can afford the helicopter to get them over the landslide. On the TV this morning there was a guy from Sri Lanka, where homosexuality is illegal. Seems like some have a long, long way to go.


Kat said...

I know. I about fell off my chair this morning when I read that news! My dear friend Shawn who is working in Drumheller but at one time this week had been visiting his brother (hopefully P.A) was going back home to Saskatoon tomorrow. He always rides the bus and listens to his headphones when on them! I was scrambling looking up the place of the crime on the map. It was only after I convinced myself that he didn't travel outside the providence of Saskatchewan that I could rest. My phone is out of minutes so I can't even text him. I can't wait until tomorrow! That poor persons death struck me so hard! Where are those trigger happy police officers when you need one.

Sleepy said...

No one on the bus with a gun then?
If it had been the States it least one person would've been armed!

Schneewittchen said...

Nope, just a hunting knife apparently. Actually, Manitoba is where you're likely to find someone with a big hunting rifle, so yes, a bit surprising.

I know we always irrationally think it must be our friends/rellies when something like that happens, even if there's only the tiniest possibility; hopefully you'll have heard from your friend by now Kat.

Kat said...

Thank you. He is home safe and sound. I feel so badly for the other young fellow all the same.