Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The Lake

Last week, I was inordinately sad to hear of the death of Estelle Getty, Sophia from 'The Golden Girls'. I loved that show greatly, I used to watch it with my mum and then later, during the dark ages, I watched it alone and sometimes with Alex and I thought of my mum.
Of course, I had no idea Estelle Getty was still alive.

The picture is of Lake Ontario, although it could almost be any shoreline here in BC, or down in Washington. Lake Ontario is beautiful and vast, more like a sea than a lake.

On Thursday afternoon, I found myself locked in a men's toilet.

On leaving a restaurant which had seemed clean and the food well-presented, nothing dodgy that I could see, I started to experience the stomach cramps that normally presage imminent toiletage.
They did, with increasing urgency. After a couple of hours, we were near the studio where Kevin's brother works - he who draws Tony the Tiger for a living.
Clenching, I held out while Trevor keyed the code into the front door, while we honoured etiquette during introductions then reached the loos, only to discover the ladies' was engaged. I went into the men's and locked the door. Then I looked down and noticed a scrap of paper telling you not to do so. Oops.
Crisis over, I tried to open the door, couldn't. Finally I phoned Trevor on the cell phone to say I was locked in, but fortunately, I must have jiggled something in the mechanism into place and was free again.
Ah, the good life.

After so many days of sunshine, it has finally rained. It poured all day, I was drenched several times, and yet when I went out in the afternoon in the middle of the biggest downpour so far, although the ground looked wet, when I scratched the surface with my foot, it was dry and dusty barely a centimetre below.


Karemay said...

Ooh dear I have never been locked in the gents, but have started using them. It always seems that there is always a long queue of ladies waiting and no one in the guys!

Schneewittchen said...

Good for you! I feel it is up to women of our age to be naughty like that and boldy go where we were too shy to go when younger :)