Monday, 14 July 2008


On TV a picture of a couple, killed last night by some stupid kiddie racer, someone's parents, someone's grandparents killed by the egotism of someone's son. Scum. But here, driving is seen as a right, not a privilege and thus, drinking and driving, and speeding, street racing, are not taken seriously enough. The grieving children calling for harsher penalties. And so there should be.
Here, I'm seen as a bit of a crank for sticking to one drink if I'm out and driving. In Britain, I'm seen as a bit irresponsible for having even one drink when driving.

Boris Johnson. He has removed five women from their posts at City Hall and done away with the post of women's advisor. You think he's a joke? Not a clown, an arsehole. This is the thin end of the wedge.

Ohmygod. In the background someone on TV is discussing the Jolie-Pitt babies. And they have just explained to us that 'Vivienne' is the French form of the name Vivian. Good bloody grief, the dumbing down of the whole planet.

A US American deserter is being sent back to the States. Some hand-wringer on the news said that this was the first time EVER that Canada had deported a deserter back to the States. Right, so we want everyone to KNOW that? We expect them to deport our criminals.

I'm pretty horrified to see that a Registrar in Britain who refused to marry gay couples, has been allowed to do so as opposed to being told her services are no longer required. But the biggest kick in the teeth is that she claimed it was against her religion. What? The woman's a Christian. There is NOTHING in the Christian faith that discriminates against people. For pity's sake, we're SUPPOSED to even love criminals. Frankly, un-christian it may be, but some people just need a good slapping.

My writers' group has been cancelled this evening. Our friend Bruce is back in hospital and is having treatment for a brain tumour. Not that we can't cope with that, nor is it the reason for the cancellation, I just wish he'd hurry up and get better.

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