Friday, 29 August 2008

Coral Fungus

Why, Mr. McCain, you misogynistic old dog, you've quite made me sit up and take notice! I had no idea you even HAD women in your party - well, I realise that Condominium's name had been bandied about a touche, but, well, that was QUITE the canny move.
Yes, I know, not that my opinion counts.
But I didn't see that one coming.
(Of course I have been sulking rather since ....the whole Hillary thing.)

Oi! Bloke across the road! It's been raining all freaking week, only clearing halfway through the afternoon, and yet you have a double sprinkler going. What??? (Not to mention that what is mostly getting watered is the pavement THAT PEOPLE HAVE TO WALK ON YOU FREAK and the grass verge.)

Au Canada we have been having a bit of a listeria crisis. One of the really good names in cold meats have had to virtually napalm their factory, and ham and such like has been recalled. Even Timmie's uses their meat in sarnies.
Nine people have died.
A big old oops.
But here's the thing. Apparently, in order to ship stuff to the States it has to go through rigorous testing, but this is seen as the US being unreasonable, trying to stop us sending our disgusting old listeria-riddled meat to them.
Those bastards.

Meanwhile, here in BC, where we now have a carbon tax on petrol, the NDP, a party that have been likened to the socialist parties of Europe, and who some think virtually bankrupted the Province the last time they were in power, have been winning supporters by dissing the green policies of the ruling liberals.
I don't think they get it. Socialism. Disturbing.

Coral fungus. Spectacular. And yet....a little early. It seems that Russian people have been seen 'shrooming in the Park. Why Russians? I don't know, but I suspect they have iron stomachs from all those years behind the iron curtain, so a few suspect toadstools leave them unperturbed.
I can tell you which ones will definitely poison you, but I wouldn't like to make the call about which ones definitely won't.
Still, I'm also not sure how you can tell a Russian apart from anyone else just by looking.


Kat said...

I thought it was hilarious and stylish for Mcain choose a woman. He dosn't have much to lose being 72.

I have confused thoughts about food restrictions on the north border when I think of what goes on south of the Mexican border.

Like clean toilet facilites and such.I know that's probably not reality.

Why the FDA couldn't wouldn't say where the tainted tomatos where comming from and then to find out they were jalepenos from Mexico. oh suprise suprise!

We sent a couple of our own border guards to prison for shooting mexican drug gang members.

oh the list goes on and on.

It's messed up.

Schneewittchen said...

Well, I find it bewildering. On the one hand, some of the talk on TV has been utterly stoopid. Like the stuff about the US needing more testing on meat products than the domestic market. Surely meat should be consistently rigorously tested wherever it's been sold? And yet, on the other hand, I can't fault Canada for being up front about problems. We had the same thing in Europe. One example was BSE. As soon as there was a problem, the government fessed up and started measures to deal with the problem. Meanwhile we KNEW that France and Belgium were having similar problems and yet those were kept quiet.