Saturday, 23 August 2008


Last Saturday gig of the season, and actually, it was more tolerable than any of the previous ones. The weather was bright but cool, I felt we were looked after, we were provided with a hot dog, ok, not entirely edible but it was the gesture that counted, and the duration was short. Now that I'm home and have ingested some fodder, I feel I'm rallying.

One of this week's tasks has been getting things ready for Laurence's trip to England. He flies out tomorrow. Not AS much of a magnus opus as getting myself and Kevin geared up, but still, bits and pieces here and there.

Ok, for the rest, I've been tagged by Kat, so I'll answer here and pass it on..

A - Attached or single - attached (to Ikea) No! Seriously I mean Kev:) Sorry dear x
B - Best Friend. Huh. Well, still Kev really, but I have several women friends that I feel close to.
C - Cake or Pie? Could live without either.
D - Day of choice. Yep, Saturday's pretty cool.
E - Essential item - duh, Ikea catalogue.
F - Flavour of ice-cream - isn't high on my list of essential foods either, but I guess something with praline and nuts.
G - Gummy bears or worms - yuk. Although I have to eat a gummy worm rolled in Nutella and cookie crumbs three times a day during the run up to Halloween (as a witch and pretending to be eating a real worm) and the only bit I like is the Nutella, although I remind myself that it's better than a real worm. (I imagine, I've never actually eaten one).
H - Hometown - I'm torn, but I guess I think of Portsmouth as that, I always loved the sea.
I - Indulgences - a bath! Love it! Since we got what I now know to be a European style bath, I can actually have one.
J - January or July - a toughie, I do love me some snow and the winter in general, but next year, my lovely grandchildren will be coming over in July, so then I'd have to pick that.
K - Kids - 4, 1 kid-in-law and 3 grandkids. Actually, all my kids are grand.
L - Last movie I saw at the cinema. Oh, sadly it was Indiana Jones I think, which sucked. We are going to have a second try to see the Dark Knight in Imax this week.
M - Middle name - Melanie.
N - Number of siblings - 1
O - Oranges or apples? - Hmmm...I'd have to day oranges.
P - Phobia or fear - claustro-
Q - Quote - At the moment it still has to be that wonderful line from Miriam Margolyes, 'Farting brings people together,'
R - Reason to smile - Austen, Susan, Laurence, Alex, Ben, Holly, Teddy and Ellie.
S - Season - Autumn. I love the whole of it, the lead up to it, every month as the world changes and then the lead into winter.
T - Tag. Dear oh dear. I'd like to say anyone who reads, just answer any of the questions you like in the comments, but I know that doesn't keep the thing going. Still, I'll stick with that and maybe the meme will find its own life force and take off. (Isn't that what a meme is supposed to do?)OR someone take it and pass it on, but change any of the questions to reflect your own peccadilloes, so long as you keep the letter.
U - Unknown fact about me - how can I possibly know the unknown?
V - Veggie or Oppressor of animals? - Huh? Well I eat them, but I try not to oppress them first.
W - Worst habit. - Er....well SOME people might say it's correcting their grammar, but I think that's quite endearing.
X - X-Ray specs or mind-reading powers? - Ok, I changed that one, the original question seemed a bit lame. Mind reading!
Y - Your favourite food - crikey. Indian, Chinese, Kev's cooking, Austen's cooking, Waitrose ready meals, M&S meal deals, blueberries, good chocolate, actually, I'm quite a picky eater.
Z - Zodiac - Virgo! I have my horoscope delivered every day to my Inbox and I always read it. And then forget it, but I love anything like that.


Sleepy said...

Bloody Hell!

Schneewittchen said...

Oi! I love those e-mail questionnaires that go round, always fill 'em in ! Love reading other ppl's too :)
Sheesh, and I hate reality TV, how's that work I wonder...

Kat said...

ah she's a good sport :)