Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Zum Schloss

The morning weather guy promised that the sky would cloud over and it did. In fact it did more than that, it rained, but not very enthusiastic -ally, not like it really meant it.

The painting of Schloss Schneewittchen continues in earnest. Yeah, no, I don't know a bloke of that name.
My daughter's bedroom.
She and her beau are coming over in September - just for a visit for the moment, but I'm excited that they're coming.
And the bedroom painting seems like a piece of cake in comparison to the stairwell.
But enough of such scintillating stuff, good Lady, it's like watching paint dry.

So, I read on Sleepy's blog that the Olympics are on. Meh.
No, seriously, I did know that, I noticed that a tourist was already murdered.

Remember the Manic Street Preachers? Yeah, me too. Where are they now? Still around apparently, but mostly in Wales.

Pit Bull Terriers. Why? What is the point? A gang of four of them attacked a man in a nearby city and yet have somehow been allowed to live so far. What's that about? Any bear that attacks a human gets put down without question. Oh, whoops, we don't say 'put down' anymore, we say 'euthanised'. Huh.

Ah, squirrels. They love peanut butter - I wonder if they like marmite.


Karemay said...

Steve likes both peanut butter & Marmite together!

Schneewittchen said...

Ooh, so do I. I remember Sainsburys used to sell peanut butter that had Marmite in it, but I haven't seen it recently (when I've been back).