Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Ms. Margolyes

We have rain at last, ideal rain, rain that comes at night and just spatters during the day in between bursts of sunshine. Although today, the sunshine was a little late in coming.
Sunday evening we had even more ideal rain. Sitting on my friend's patio, after a hot, sunny day, there was a single roll of thunder - we never even saw the lightning, and then big, warm drops of rain. Pleasurable rain.

This works for almost everyone, except one colleague, who has waited all summer for the roofers to come. They were due Monday. Now she has to watch the weather forecast daily.

I love rain, there is poetry in it, there is calm and comfort in it. However, even I understand the need for balance, if only so that we can have food to eat.

I was amused to read on the Feedback page of New Scientist, that one reader opened the packaging of his new printer, to find a disclaimer. You know those warnings that say 'may contain peanuts'? (Even found, apparently on Sainsbury's peanuts), well this warning said, 'may contain products of Switzerland'.

According to the inestimable Miriam Margolyes, farting brings people together. Well, hmm.. She tells us that she farts a lot and I would think that SHE has the ability to bring people together. Miriam says she would do anything to cheer people up. So let's hope she's ok about me using her pic on my blog.


Sleepy said...

Ms. Margolyes picture cheers me up!

Now I'm going on youtube to find her clip from Jam and Jerusalem.
Floors me every time!

Schneewittchen said...

And she works so well both on TV or radio. I'm sure she used to be on those things we used to listen to on Radio 4 like 'The Navy Lark'. But you can just watch her and her expressions make you laugh. However famous and fêted she is, she's still undersold.

Sleepy said...

I agree, totally undersold.

She can be at my fantasy dinner party.
In fact, the way I'm feeling...........!