Wednesday, 27 August 2008


It started because I wanted to have a gadget. Blogger had updated but I hadn't. I admired others' updating Bloglists. I wanted one. But with my old template, much tinkered with over time, I couldn't make it squeeze in. It refused to comply, it sank to the bottom of the page.
I sulked.
And I had long since been annoyed by my inability to vary the margins. In some ways, it was easier before they made everything easier. All you had to do was go into the html and potter. Pottering is still possible, even some tinkering, but not all.
So....I went for it. And no doubt I won't be able to leave it alone for long, but for now - that's how it is.

At work however, web tinkering is not going well. I don't know. It's a bottom dollar website, and so it's petulant. It stopped working for about two hours today, and then when it came back, the changes I'd made to one of the pages, looked ok on the interface you work on, but was all over the place when I brought it up as a user's webpage.

Hillary Clinton. My God. Whenever I see her on TV, she is being the consummate Statesperson.
Oh dear, the consummate Statesperson and they turned her down. Well, not all, not most even, but she's the one who got away.
I shake my head.

Last night, the first snow fell on Whistler. Lucky buggers. The morning weather guy said it was a fluke, but hey, I'd be up for fluke snow. Gimme that fluke snow anytime you like.

Kevin's project at work is having a few 'bumps' which he has to solve and there's a deadline, thus he has been doing some long hours this week. But, he has come home, backed up my pictures on the server, made me a caesar and a steak dinner.
Do I feel looked after?


Kat said...

I love the orange but I must read it tomorrow.

oh ps. My vote was for Hillary but that dosn't mean I think HE is capable of carrying that torch. I don't care if she does summersaults being a good sport. HE didn't even make her V.P. not that would have matterd so late in the game.

I think HE is a F.O.O.L.

Schneewittchen said...

Not that I have any say in the matter, but I 100% agree with you, and two of my friends who are also Hillary supporters and who DO get to vote, feel the same.

Kat said...

Exactly the reason I changed my template. The margins are just so narrow! This one has a nice wide left margin.

Nice job.