Tuesday, 5 August 2008

La vie au Canada

Elle continue, et aujourd'hui, pour la plupart, en français.

Two French students arrived today, to volunteer at the Park, ou bien, au parc. So...I was able to fill them in on what Canada has been doing to the French language. (Mainly, refusing to speak it).

Meanwhile, another foot has washed ashore, this time in Washington State, our neighbour to the south. Some people will go to great lengths to avoid the Border guard.

The man who decapitated a fellow passenger on a greyhound bus has been upgraded from 'suspect' to 'accused'. J'accuse.

The temperature hit 32 at YVR today, this isn't even funny. Brains have turned to mush and skins to hide. Tomorrow it's predicted to get even hotter.

Ikea rocks. Well, everyone knows this, but in the interests of green measures, it has set its AC to a sensible level, just enough so that when you go inside the store it is comfortable to come into and a refuge from the heat, but you don't get that Siberian blast you do in some shops and thus when you finally HAVE to leave, you don't fall over instantly from heatshock.

We are watching the latest (to us) series of Dr. Who. We both sit there saying to the TV set, 'He's so good, he's SO good.' David Tennant that is, but then everyone knows that too.


Sleepy said...

You're trying to throw me with your random use of Froggish!!...

I counter with Agincourt, Stilton and Stonehenge.
Ha... Ha...

I'll think you'll find that is the global equivilent of "Mornington Cresent"!

Kevin said...

David Tennant?? I thought you were talking about ME!!

Schneewittchen said...

Don't give me that old guff! You speak plenty of Froggish.
Global Mornington Crescent is much better in Italian I find. AFter all, most ppl know some Froglish, Germish and as much Spanglish as Dora the Explorer, but Italian - mostly just the names of pasta and cheeses.

Hmm..makes me wonder who spouse was talking about then....