Thursday, 28 August 2008

Spider's Web

So lad is stuck in Blighty, the airline he flew in on has gone belly up. Which is sad, because I used to love seeing their blue aircraft come into YVR bringing friends and rellies to visit. (As I said on my comment to the BBC website in fact.) They e-mailed us. BA are offering lower priced flights to those stranded, but we'll have to see how that works.
All a bit shite really.

I was thinking about how different individuals affect others on my way home, grazing on blueberries.
There is Rob, who was my assistant for a short time last year and who then ran the summer programmes. He was in doing some clerical stuff last week and his presence is like having the sun shine inside. He's a teacher now and I think his pupils are privileged.

Our Japanese volunteers. We have three of them and they light up the room too. None of them speaks too much English, so they really concentrate when you speak to them, then in unison they all go,
'Ohhhhhhh,' all round eyes and round mouths and then, 'ahhhhhhhh!' rising at the end, like exhaling and then they all laugh at the same time and the sound tinkles somehow.

The picture's a spider's web. I'm not sure it's that clear when you save it as 'best for web'. Not really best for a spider's web.

That's all.
I need to go and sulk now.

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