Thursday, 30 April 2009


Displacement activity. I need to be getting on with writing something else, so here I am, blogging.

Alberta, next Province over from ours, has been getting up everyone's nose even more than usual. Primarily everyone else hates them because they are the Province where, if Dubya ever came to Canada, he'd live. Yep, then kinda attitudes. Then, the PM put our collective nose out of joint by referring to Canada as though it actually stopped at the border between Alberta and BC. Didn't go down well.

Last week, the Alberta Public Affairs Bureau managed to make an ad for the Province - a Province it must be pointed out, with absolutely no coastline - that featured children playing on a Northumberland beach.

This week, they have introduced a Bill in their legislative assembly, yeppers, they are allowed to have one, that will allow parents in their Province to withdraw kiddies from lessons where science is discussed - evolution of course - or homosexuality. This just beggars belief to me and I don't know where to begin. The upside is that the comments from Albertans on the CBC website seem to all express the same disbelief as mine, and shame of their Province.

Of course, the actual reporting isn't that great, it states that the controversial Bill 'will enshrine in Law...' which it won't of course, only an Act can enshrine in Law, (first year secondary school history lessons) but no doubt they'll pass the Bill.

Meanwhile, in BC, we now have six cases of swine 'flu, and thus the threat has been elevated to level five. In Superstore yesterday, a Chinese woman was wearing a facemask to shop.
No, please don't say it.
Yet again, a Canadian travel advisory was warning people that they shouldn't travel to Mexico. Ever since I've been here there have been travel advisories warning Canadians not to go to Mexico because they keep getting killed there. Fat lot of notice people take of government advice.

The doc on morning TV has told us for two mornings running that the whole swine 'flu thing has caused a problem for vaccine producers. Should they carry on producing vaccine for next winter's 'flu? (Blindly, since no-one ever knows what strain it'll be), or try to get something out there to deal with swine 'flu? What a dilemma.
People are being told to stay home from work if they are sick, and to go to their doc. But when my colleague's niece, just returned from Mexico, had a sore throat, the doc wouldn't allow her into the surgery. She had to go to Accident and Emergency.

Personally, I'm upping the daily portions of fruit and veggies just in case.
But what do I care anyway? Tomorrow I reprise my role as Betty the Dominatrix Bee, and bees have so many more things to contend with than just swine fever.


Sleepy said...

According to TP we have been stockpiling the vaccine for 'some time'.
Vaguely suspicious?

Schneewittchen said...

Huh! No kidding!