Thursday, 16 April 2009


The return of the heron. What a bruiser. He/she was at the Park all day, picking off some poor creatures from the pond. Late in the afternoon I noticed that someone had thrown up royally over the handrail on the bridge, until I realised that it was actually projectile poo ejected from the arsehole of the mighty heron.

Meanwhile, the forest part of the bog-forest is positively heaving with sexual activity. To young children, we euphemistically refer to this as 'boys looking for girlfriends' - it being always the male who has to advertise. This afternoon, I pointed out a Cooper's Hawk sitting in a tree. The children were easily able to see her.
Then another swooped down, 'Oh look,' said I, 'another hawk is going to perch on....ah....right, moving on....' Hawk sex doesn't look like much fun, just swift and brutal, but no doubt it does the job.

Nicolas Sarkozy has been mouthing off about all the other prefects. But here's the thing - he's an equal opportunities slagger. You might have expected him to have dealt with Angela Merkel in the usual way that women are dealt with - diss her clothes and sex appeal, but no! Sarko treats her just the same as all the boys. Nicely played Gaulois!

Watching 'Bones', I always thought David Boreanaz was quite tall, and in fact he is at 6'1". But next to Stephen Fry, he looked weedy. I love this show, but Fry's too good for it.

My friend R e-mailed me that the hockey team from her city were playing the hockey team from ours. She thought this might not have got through my sports' filter, and true, the finer details hadn't.
This morning however, even my filter was breached, since in the less than half hour that we watch the TV news in the morning, we had two goal by goal accounts of the match.
The Canucks won. Got it.


Sleepy said...

Great capture of the Heron!
Brilliant photo.

Schneewittchen said...

Thanks! And it were bloody difficult to get too, it was in a flipping awkward spot!