Saturday, 25 April 2009

Friday Night, Ikea Morning

Best line on 30 Rock this week, Tracy Jordan - 'I'm a high-functioning alcoholic,' superb. It must be said, Tina Fey's writing rocks.

Yesterday evening, Gail and I walked the labyrinth at St. Paul's church in downtown Vancouver. I found it a wonderful thing to do on a Friday evening, I got to see Gail's new house and neighbourhood and we had a glass of wine when we got back. Most convivial.
Unlike the one at our church, St. Paul's labyrinth is inside, and is on a wooden floor, so you are asked to take your shoes off. The ambience was perfect for meditation - candles and gentle, evocative music. It was incredibly relaxing for me.

Coming back from Gail's, I followed an SUV, convinced the driver was completely drunk as he rolled from one lane to another, and drove down the middle at some point. The red lights at one of the intersections meant I had to draw up beside him and lo! Yes, you guessed correctly, on his phone. Twat.

This morning I had to go into town, and made a detour via Old Navy. I was taken by surprise by the entire Obama family standing just inside the doorway. Turned out they were only mannequins, but I assume the resemblance was deliberate.

Afterwards, we went to Dykea, we even had a legit reason for doing so, we needed a couple more dining room chairs. The Dykea dykes however, were not playing nicely. Kevin and I waited patiently for them to finish testing out all the ones we wanted to test, then just as we thought we were cleared for landing, they whisked away the ones we wanted to sit upon, so that they could try them out at a table.

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