Thursday, 9 April 2009


Maundy Thursday - best Thursday of the year, it's like a Friday. Fab.
I must have missed the Queen distributing the Maundy Money, or maybe it's just not news anymore.

I'm looking forward to just not having to get up, and eating turkey and drinking wine. Oh, and going to my place(s) of womanly worship several times.

Kevin investigated the French netbook mystery and discovered that in fact, the OS had been set as French. Future shop exchanged it and all is now well.

So, to counteract Sienna Miller undermining other women, here's Jo Brand being...well, Jo Brand.
Loving it.


Sleepy said...

Yep, the Queen was dishing out the money to 83 pensioners of Bury St Edmonds.

Schneewittchen said...

Ah good, all's well with the world:)

Sleepy said...

She's way more smiley these days for some reason.