Friday, 3 April 2009

Flora, Madge, Chelle.

Crikey, is it Friday already? How'd that happen? It seemed as though it had been Wednesday all week, then suddenly, bingo, Friday.
Mustn't grumble.

The weather - constant preoccupation - is now brightening up and we're promised a warm and sunny weekend. Monday, the temperature is set to reach 18º.

I was very happy to hear that this season I will be fashionable, since the style will be 'crumpled chic'.
I must say, that reminded me a bit of Colin and Justin's 'Home Heist' in which the first thing they have to do before designing anything, is to give it a name. Once you have named your design, it just creates itself.

My storytelling must now be rather convincing. During the 'Signs of Spring' programme, I tell of Flora, the Explorer, who stops under a fictional 'Bunjeebap Tree' whose sap is green and sparkly. I produce a small bottle filled with water sparkles. Three times this week I have been asked by adults on the trip if the sap is real. I'm sure there must be a more profitable outlet for my newly found lying skills.
Politics perhaps.

Presumably, Michelle Obama will now have to be executed for High Treason. I believe that Capital Punishment is still technically legal in the UK, but only for High Treason. I also believe that High Treason encompasses the wearing of the Union Flag as knickers, and interfering with the persons of the Royal Family. Hugging the Queen must be in there somewhere. Ah well, sayonara Mrs. O, you never did quite make it in the fashion stakes.

Couldn't Madonna just shell out for some head shrinkage instead of annoying the government of Malawi? I kind of do admire her for her bizarre adoption attempts, but I most certainly don't get her.
But then I'm sure that doesn't really bother her.


Sleepy said...

Madonna pisses me off big style.
There are loads of kids in the systems of the USA and the UK who need homes.
Why does she have to go to Africa?

I hope I'm around when the slew of 'Mommie Dearest' books start coming from hers and Jolie-Pitt kids.

Schneewittchen said...

I do agree with you, but then on the other hand, there isn't anyone left in Malawi to look after all the kids orphaned by AIDS. Back to the first hand again though, the government there also doesn't seem to want to do too much to change the sexual behaviour of the men that has decimated the population of the country.
I think in general it would do more good if, instead of adopting individual kids, she set up some kind of properly run orphanage and bullied the government into telling their menfolk that it's not alright to have sex with all the young girls in their villages.

Sleepy said...

She's not taking kids that don't have family though.

I agree with you about the orphanage and the AIDS education; but I also seriously believe NOTHING will change the sexual behaviour of African men.

Anonymous said...

Afghanistan is set to or has (it's unclear) pass or passed a law that it's okay for men to rape their wives.
Madonna can simply adopt her latest beau. Of course by the same token Michael Douglas could adopt that Welsh woman.
- Karen

Schneewittchen said...

I think it's being challenged, but the reactions of people in the media have been rather odd. I have heard a couple of people wringing their hands and saying, 'Oh, woe is me, this proves the campaign isn't working,', no it fucking doesn't, it means it's bloody necessary.

Madge is a bit of a go-er isn't she? I mean, I have to admire her raging hormones and continued ability to pull whatever she likes. Bit like Joan Collins really.