Thursday, 23 April 2009

St. George and the Heron

St. George's day and St. George's College arrived at the Park twice today for programmes. They were a delight, and they arrive in a bus with a Knight's head on it. Class.

As I finished clearing up afterwards, I saw the heron, huge, with flapping pterodactyl flight, coming in low over the pond.

The photographers seem to have changed guard. Now the Japanese have arrived. They appear to have more respect for personal space than the previous crew, they don't stand outside our office windows like Paparazzi. remember those Second World War films with Japanese officers cracking the whip, where the soldier has trousers like jodhpurs and a peaked cap with a tea towel trailing down the back of the neck? Well they're back and frankly, when I catch sight of them standing there, it gives me a shiver.

Somewhere, in a boardroom in Switzerland, marketing people sit around wondering how to amuse our bouches with new and exotic chocolate flavours. Not so long ago we had Lindt Excellence with chilli. And it was good. Yesterday I found Lindt Excellence with Fleurs de sel and I thought, surely, they're having a laugh, they're messing with me, they're taking the piss they're...and then it was in my shopping trolley. And it was REALLY good.


Kevin said...

And I was told you bought it JUST for me ;)

Schneewittchen said...

Oh it was my darling, and you of course, couldn't enjoy it without giving some to me :)

Sleepy said...

I dare you to rename the park 'Tenko'!