Saturday, 4 April 2009

Iron in the Soul

Must have some iron in the soul.
Been listening to Metallica, and there is something very stirring about 'Unforgiven'. Oh well, just Metallica in general then.
I passed over Nirvana, just not in the mood for deep and meaningful.
Currently I have Pink playing, so there's a certain amount of difficulty typing.

Last Sunday, in church, we had the return of the 'The Bible never claimed to be a Science textbook' priest. Passion Sunday. He hit the Krazy Kristians - the ones who could just as easily be Muslim Fundamentalists. [Generally they don't listen to the teachings of Jesus, just use the 'Jesus-code'. The Jesus-code ignores all real meaning and uses catchphrases containing the word 'Jesus' to justify anything they do. They don't see that Jesus was a Jew and that Christianity is really Judaism-lite.] All in square brackets is my opinion, not his.

Anyhoo...the iron in the soul...he was setting up a visualisation of Palm Sunday (tomorrow) the Roman army approaching Jerusalem from the west, coming as a show of force to quell any Passover misbehaviour that might occur. And from the East, this raggle-taggle bunch of lowly-born (apart from Judas Iscariot) Jewish men and women, with one riding on an ass. At the end of the week, the ones from the west would have killed the leader of the ones from the east, and set in motion a world-changing set of events.
A potent visual.
But I keep thinking about that disciplined, uniformed Roman army, marching in formation. Must be from watching too many films.
In spite of what the Romans brought to their prefectures, crucifixion was an evil way of executing someone.

Rammstein now, 'Eins, hier kommt die Sonne......' I love their ability to just sing the most mundane lyrics in German and it stirs....something.....


Sleepy said...

Orion is my favourite Metallica tune!

Am now off to join the 'Roman' hoards for Palm Sunday!

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