Thursday, 14 May 2009

Ant and Dec

There have been a couple of times recently when I have had occasion to watch acts from 'Britain's got Talent' on YouTube. There was the Scots woman with the eyebrows and the voice, and this week, a boy with a girl's voice, not a ladyboy exactly, but it shut that Simon Cowell up.
But here's the thing, both times, I've noticed Ant and Dec sculling around in the wings. Why? What's that about? Shouldn't Ant and Dec have been allowed to fade away? They were only ever perky lads with regional accents, their only talent. To be honest, they do seem like the kind of likely lads who would be found sculling somewhere improbable.
Great work if you can get it.

Great line from Kenneth on 30 Rock.
'Science was my most favouritest subject, especially the Old Testament.'

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Anonymous said...

Don't hate the Playaz, Mum. Hate the Game. Ouch - you got told! (In this analogy the playaz are Ant and Dec.)