Sunday, 17 May 2009

Rise of the Lycans

Just one question :-
Lycan or Vampire?

On the one hand you have the whole painful changing thing, on the other, the not being able to go out in the sun thing.

Vampires have goth music, Lycans have metal.

Vampires have the cool long, black coats, Lycans have a lot of leather, Vamps too sometimes.

Vamps get to drink blood, Lycans rip raw meat apart.

Tough choice huh?

Greenday seem to have a new album - sounds pretty good.
Glad we've got that settled.


Sleepy said...

Yeah, that is a tough one.
Vampire I think.

Schneewittchen said...

Bill Nighy does make a very compelling case, it must be said...

bozo5 said...

Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never die. It's fun to be a vampire. - Lost Boys said it best!