Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Ah, out of the mouths of bears....

Provincial Elections today. I don't get to vote. Early results seem to be tending towards the status quo.
An aptly named band.

I'm not saying I'm unduly influenced by auto suggestion, but I now have aubergines and something approaching lollo rosso in my balcony garden. Oh alright, I'm just a flagrant copycat.

The Canucks, Vancouver's hockey team, are now out of the Stanley Cup. I found it thus rather surprising that the flag thingies you put on your car, are still available in the shops, overly priced at $15. Bizarre.

On TV this week, series finale after finale. I was amused that a psychiatric hospital in House had the same name as Mayhem. Soon, we'll be able to catch up on films and suchlike.

Today, at the end of a programme, two kids just spontaneously hugged me. I had forgotten that kids do that. Mayhem was - and still is - a school where a lot of shit goes on, it's a hard environment for all concerned, but there were a lot of great kids too, and a lot of hugging.

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Sleepy said...

Whoo Hoo!
Aubergines, excellent!
Going to get the Lollo Rosso in Pot Head today.