Thursday, 21 May 2009


It's like a game of consequences.

So, Obambi is having a bit of strife persuading the fellow Americans to bankroll his closing down of Guantanamo. Not too daft, since he doesn't appear to have a plan. On the CBC radio station they said,
'President Obama said nothing about the one Canadian being held there.'


Seriously, why would he, whilst making his case to Congress about why G'tmo needs to be closed, stop and mention one Canadian?
PARTICULARLY...since that Canadian seems to have been fighting on the other side. Now, I may be mis-remembering here, and I sure as hell can't be arsed to go and look it up, but on my immigration application, somewhere in the same section where I had to assure them I hadn't committed genocide, I'm pretty sure I had to also declare that I hadn't been involved in any military action hostile to Canada.
So....does this guy, for guy it is, really even COUNT as Canadian any more?

Meanwhile, a local school has angered the Jewish community by using a handout which referred to Hamas as 'not a terrorist group as designated by the Canadian government...'


Yeah, see, I think the continual bombings by Hamas since their inception in 1987 and their declared intention to destroy the State of Israel, pretty much defines them as a terrorist organisation.

I see that Jonathan Ross is in the shit again.
Stupid wanker.

And the Church of Scotland are having a paddy about a gay minister, whom THE MAJORITY OF THE CONGREGATION SUPPORT. But a handful of them didn't know he was gay.


Give it up, seriously, give it up. You have NO IDEA whatsoever how large a percentage of the clergy are gay. If we didn't have gay clergy, we wouldn't bloody well have any.

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