Sunday, 24 May 2009

Weight or Wait?

Damned fine weekend, much plant related activity, sunshine and margaritas on the balcony.

I've discovered from the BBC's website, that people who are overweight in their forties, are likely to be frail in their old age. That's right, people. The study, however, was conducted on 1,000 men. That's right, men. So, back to that whole guys things. Men, or guys = people. WRONG!!! Especially when it comes to weight, since it has LONG been established that weight patterns in women are different and have far different consequences.

On our TV, the conservative party - and bear in mind there is no election on the cards yet - are so worried about the possibility of Michael Ignatieff getting elected, that they are already running an advertising campaign that goes along the lines of, 'Ignatieff, is he just visiting?'
See, here's the thing, Michael Ignatieff, now leader of the liberal party (read not quite as far right as the Tories) has spent time in the UK and the States, writing, broadcasting, learning about politics and generally, how other people operate. So you might think he'd be a fine representative for the country in the international arena. Maybe even a Statesman.

So, just visiting or the second coming? He could be our saviour ;)

The BBC has an interesting article by Clive James. I don't really get the point he is making about the lack of western feminist commentary on some eastern issues. But he makes some other very valid points.
It IS a fantastic step forward that there are now four female MPs in Kuwait, that rape is no longer governmentally sanctioned in Iraq, and something that I was personally made aware of, that in Burma, the democratically elected woman, Aung San Suu Kyi has been imprisoned for years by the all-male military junta.


bozo5 said...

I just LOVE the Conservative's ads attacking Michael Ignatieff for exactly what he is!

Some smart foreign traveled guy - that is the LAST thing this country needs. We should have someone dumb as a post! Look how great America did with George W. Bush!

There's a real leader, none of this, "Oh I'm so smart Obama / Ignatieff" business.

Local Idiot or Smart Foreign traveled guy - I know who I'd choose . . .

Schneewittchen said...


bozo5 said...

In the news today:

Tory attack ads find audience, but could backfire: poll

By THE CANADIAN PRESS – 45 minutes ago

OTTAWA — The Conservative attack ads against Michael Ignatieff, which began on the Internet and then moved to TV, may be hurting the Tories more than the Liberal leader, a new poll suggests.

The Canadian Press Harris-Decima poll found that about half the respondents said the ads had no impact on their impression of the Liberal leader, with 30 per cent reporting a negative effect on their attitude toward him.

However, just over half of the respondents said the ads have a negative effect on their feelings about Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Tories."The effect seems to cut both ways," said Jeff Walker, senior vice-president of Harris-Decima.

"There is evidence that these ads are having a negative effect on Mr. Ignatieff, but an even greater negative effect on Prime Minister Harper."

Schneewittchen said...

Yes, I'd read something along those lines somewhere, although what I had read (I think, can't actually find it now) seemed to be suggesting that the ads were having a positive effect on people's perceptions of Ignatieff.