Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Odds and Sods

Alice Munroe, GREAT Canadian author, has been awarded the international Booker prize. She bloody well deserves it too, she's a fantastic writer.

I decided that 'phone etiquette had improved. When I first started at the Park, we used to have to ask people before every programme, to turn their 'phones to silent, and they still went off all the time.
Now, we no longer even mention them and they are rarely a problem.
But today, in the middle of the play, a 'phone went off, playing a loud bangra tune. We pretended to dance to it, but then the woman answered it, and had a conversation in some Asian language in a normal speaking voice, so we had to get louder and louder.
No bloody manners some people.

Bozo5 told me an anecdote yesterday that was really fairly simple, but the visual has made me chuckle several times today.
When he lived in London, he was on the tube in the rush hour. If you've never been on the London Underground in rush hour, it's quite interesting to see the British all squashed up against one another, but still keeping their own space. You try not to breathe, you make no eye contact, you hope that isn't someone who's pleased to see you, whilst also hoping it's not a gun in their pocket.
The train came to a grinding halt.
Standing near Bozo5 was a woman in full burqa. An announcement came over the PA to say that they would be delayed for a little longer, and a voice came from the burqa, in full-on East-end accent, 'Bloody Hell!'
Humorously dissonant.

So...California has upheld the ban on same-sex marriage. I don't even begin to see how that can be constitutionally lawful, since the US constitution, not to mention, according to the one dissenting Judge, Justice Carlos Moreno, the Californian one, claims to promise equality. How the hell does that work?

Still on matters Stateside, Obambi has appointed a woman to the position of Supreme court Judge. Well done Obambi, because yesterday on the radio, some black man was talking who had been elected mayor of some city in the States against, seemingly, all odds, and yet he still used horribly sexist language when speaking about it. Pillock.

On Reaper tonight, part of which was very obviously shot in Gastown, underneath the steam clock, Sam had to challenge the Devil to something he was good enough at to win.
'We all have something we're good at,' said Steve, former demon.
But think about it, have you got anything you're good enough at that you could beat the Devil at it?
Hmmm...food for thought.


Sleepy said...

Drug consumption.
I reckon I could out consume the Devil.

Schneewittchen said...

Mmm...I certainly think it would be a closely run contest!

Anonymous said...

I am pleased to report same sex couples may now marry in Iowa as Iowa's supreme court recently banned the ban on same sex marriage. There is still opposition and a call for the governor to intervene, but the court for now has spoken. A friend of mine has married her partner of 13 years. We celebrate. D.

Schneewittchen said...

We saw that Dawn, and were discussing it last night. It really is something to celebrate. Wonderful that your friends have been able to marry, yet appalling that they have been denied their rights for so long.

Anonymous said...

HOW BLOODY DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! MAY 26TH MEAN NOTHING TO YOU???????!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!

Schneewittchen said...

Everything, it means everything :))