Thursday, 25 February 2010

Fridge Rights

Sleepy and I were discussing fridge rights. She said that a friend of ours, when he bought a house, said, 'This is our new address, and Sleepy Mansions has fridge rights.'
I liked that idea, a sort of top level of friendship, like in Seinfeld, where everyone would just come round and open Jerry's fridge - although I got the impression that was more a liberty than an invitation.

I think fridge rights are difficult for British people. Maybe English people. In the first place, we have tiny fridges in comparison to North American ones, thus there is less in there that hasn't been planned into some forthcoming meal. And then there is our natural reserve, and coupled with strict etiquette, you'd be lucky if you could get an Englander to go to the fridge for milk.
This is why I like the whole idea of the bestowing of fridge rights on certain friends.

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