Monday, 15 February 2010


It's the year of the tiger, metal tiger, and I don't think this is particualrly propitious for us roosters, a time of struggle and ...well, a bit like when Saturn is in your sun sign. You know the kind of far as I understand it that is.

Ikealand need a different colour scheme. I don't understand why they big up the yellow and not the blue, for the most part, Ikealandians are of a colouring themselves that isn't flattered by bright yellow.

The Premier of Québec and the Minister for Heritage are not happy with the amount/tone of French at the opening ceremony. Or...something about the French.
It's funny, French here is like the woman. It's treated as though it's the second language, even though lip service is paid to its equality with English. Signs were put up without French and had to be taken down and altered, like building a venue without a women's toilet and then having it pointed out. And then to show that really, we don't think like that, we have the French spoken before the English. A woman speaks the French and a man speaks the English. When we are forced to speak French, we do it badly, so it's like, we import a proper, card-carrying woman to do the woman bit, but most of the time we get a man to pretend to be a woman, and not even one who believes in what he's doing.
We have to include a I mean a French person in the singing. Now the French French are not noted for their musical prowess. The Québecois on the other hand, really have it going on. So.....hmmm...well, let's get someone who sings like the French French. Yea, let's not spend too much time finding someone outstanding from the wealth of talent in Québec, no, let's just find someone we've heard of, he'll do. Box ticked.
BUT.....when a French person wins a gold medal, then they're Canadian.Pats on the back all round.
'Nother box ticked.


Sleepy said...

ALL French should be spoken badly!
Even menus and words borrowed from French.
It's a cultural imperative.

WV.. oratip

Schneewittchen said...

Which SOME Québecois seem to embrace themselves!

As in..another amazing oratip!

Sleepy said...

Bless them! I bet they have some Irish/Scottish Grandparent in the lineage though!

Yes. My oratip for French is.... Just fucking DON'T! Simples!