Monday, 1 February 2010


Aquarius, ack, messes with your head. Can't wait until the sun moves out of random Aquarius and into reliable Pisces, which by coincidence, it does this year on the 18th of February.

Light drizzle. What kind of weather is that? Neither good, sweeping rain, nor soft, fluffy snow, nor is it mysterious fog, just light drizzle. Another shade of grey I suppose. Bloody Water Carrier.

I received an e-mail from a Facebook group that apparently I'm part of, 'BORIS : NOT IN MY NAME'. I can't for the life of me remember having joined this group, and yet it sounds like a good one to join. Sadly, I've missed the Ken Livingstone hosted event, well of course I would since the whole thing is about poking my nose into the politics of a city I don't live in and never have.

Yesterday, we were treated to Obambi's full budgetary speech on our morning news. Not that it wasn't interesting, it's just that it wasn't...well, ours.

The Olympic torch will be here this time next week - if anyone's bothered, which of course we are because it'll hold up traffic.

I was a little concerned to see from the BBC headlines yesterday, that the British government wants to halve smokers. I mean, I have friends and rellies who are smokers, and this just seems harsh.

In an unprecedented turn of events, there's a scandal in a German Catholic school, involving children being abused by priests. What?!?! Never. I mean for pity's sake, someone'll be suggesting next that it's celibacy and patriarchal attitudes that turn people...well, mainly men really, into paedophiles, not homosexuality at all! Who knew?

Apparently, there is more to tattoos than meets the eye, even when they don't meet the eye.


Sleepy said...

The tattoo chart is brilliant!

Dawn said...

This is very helpful! My great blue heron tattoo should go at the ankle or shoulder?

Sleepy said...

A heron?
Come on, that has got to be a full back Tat!

Schneewittchen said...

Dawn! You rebel!:)))