Friday, 5 February 2010

Tail Chasing

Gaagh, what a frustrating, tail-chasing kind of week. Running to stand still and in some cases, go backwards.

There simply HAS to be some kind of force that makes things go like this sometimes, the same kinds of things seem to all go wrong at the same time.

TV. Kevin had installed a new Hard Drive, but it has been stop, start, stop start, he deals with the problem and then it behaves for a while, lulls you into a false sense of security and then wham, it happens again, and of course, when he has gone to lie down because he hasn't been feeling too clever this week.

Telephone. Waiting for three or four different phone calls. Phone rings. It's Ipsos-Reid, a firm that does surveys, not now, I'm waiting for calls. Phone rings again. Laurence, phoning because I phoned him, except I didn't, his sister has my cell phone, because I'M WAITING FOR A CALL FROM HER, but instead of phoning the cell phone, he calls the landline. Still waiting for calls, Ipsos-Reid again, I do their surveys when it's an honest survey, because otherwise I can't complain that I didn't get asked when they come out with some completely rubbish result, but not now, I'm waiting for someone else to phone.

Post. Everyone is waiting for something. Normally, no-one expects anything from the post, but this week, Alex has been promised a letter, I'm waiting for a book, Laurence is...well, he IS always waiting for something, but all that's delivered is junk and stuff that tells you that something you thought was long since sorted, isn't.

E-mail. Why does it take twelve hours to deliver an e-mail when you are waiting for that information? And then the internet sites I normally use are all like, 'are you SURE you've typed in the right address?'

And there's been this odd feeling all week that things are going on behind my back. I know I have a tenuous hold on what's going in in the field of sports, but everywhere I go there are winter sports on the big screen TVs. I met my friend for lunch. The TV in the diner that normally shows silent pop stars, now shows silent hockey. It has started, clearly. When I take Whisky for his tea-time walks at twilight, two houses who don't seem to close their curtains have big TVs on the wall opposite the window, so, more hockey. And then it clicks, duh, hockey just carries on, the Canucks don't stop for the Olympics.

But then, in the midst of the annoyance and frustration of the week, a friend from way back made contact. And Kevin has a back up system for recording TV, so I saw what I wanted to see. And everyone I expected to call, called, and I did the survey and there wasn't a meeting I'd missed as a result of the late e-mail, and...well, pretty much everything except the book and the letter.
Maybe I'll check the post.


Gail said...

actually, the canucks will stop for the olympics (well some of them and those playing will be pitted against one another). NHL players play Olympics hockey which seems strange to me as I thought Olympic athletes were supposed to be amateurs.

Schneewittchen said...

Erk! That sounds just wrong! And I too thought they were supposed to be amateurs.

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