Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Mount Olympus

Couple of posers.

When the French had the Franc as their currency, the first word on it was 'Egalité'. It's kind of the way the French brand themselves, their bywords for what it means to be French (to them, not us),'Equality, Fellowship, Freedom'. So, if you are the kind of dickhead who is lucky enough to have a woman prepared to share any kind of planetary space with you, and then you force her to wear coverings that indicate her inferiority vis-à-vis yourself, don't be surprised when France, the champion of equality, doesn't want to number you among the ranks of their citizens.

Not all is going according to plan on Mount Olympics.
Snow is being loaded onto lorries in Manning Park, and driven two hours to Mount Cyprus.
The David Suzuki foundation has awarded a Bronze medal to VANOC for environmental responsibility.
A cruise ship that was supposed to dock in Vancouver and accommodate over two thousand people is now not going to, leaving hotels scrambling to find space for those who have booked, 13 of whom are disabled kids with the 'Make a Wish Foundation'. (All now alternatively accommodated). Others seem to include pissed off British people.
The downtown Eastside still hasn't been cleaned up and an influx of foreign journos has drawn attention to it. It's as though, somewhere, someone had said, 'if we pretend it's not there, they won't be able to see it,' like a child deciding it is invisible.
But...the police have been out and about today and have made 14 arrests and laid 125 charges. Good work lasses and lads. Except.....Transport Canada at YVR have been complaining that you haven't been turning up for your security shifts there.

When you're giving birth and suffering labour pains, you can't believe a human body can go through so much pain. The only thing that keeps you sane, because the drugs sure as hell don't do much, is the thought that your own mother went through it and survived.
It's like, maybe we're just not grown up enough to host the Olympics, perhaps we just aren't quite ready to take the training wheels off.
Except, China did it.


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