Saturday, 13 February 2010


The face they wouldn't show.

Waiting for dogs to arrive and alcohol. Hmmm...waiting for alcohol and dogs to arrive. I'm expecting exuberance from our own poochie.

I have replayed the section of the opening ceremony with kd lang four times. Every time it sends shivers down my spine, especially that last intense 'Hallelujah' where her voice seems to chase the lights of birds away from the podium.
Reports have it that the NBC coverage didn't show her face at all. BUT...they didn't hang back from showing the full and uncut death of the Georgian athlete.

Our own TV coverage left a lot to be desired however. Oh the camera angles were good, but the commentator was embarrassing. He not only sounded like the Reverend Lovejoy from the Simpsons, but he wouldn't stop talking, and he what he said was largely just waffle. If you have a silly voice, best to keep it short I say.

And the Canadian National Anthem is a fecking national disgrace. Even the most dyed-in-the-wool retarded conservative can't justify the line, 'of all thy sons command,' how difficult would it be to simply replace it with, 'all of us command,'? or just sing the French at that point.
It's not even as though it's in some way sacrosanct. Kevin remembers that when he was at school, the words changed about three times.

I was amazed at the spectacle of the ceremony, it couldn't have been more Canadian. This place, right here, is one huge crucible of creativity and all was reflected in that staging.

So the dogs came and went. Whisky barked furiously at the intrusion. I was given about seven different points of view about what to do about this, including getting some kind of so-called dog experts in to deal with what? The one time he has other dogs in his house he barks. What actually worked, and worked consistently, was what I did intuitively, it seemed to me he was spooked, so when I sat on the floor with him and calmed him - he quietened down.

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Sleepy said...

The National Anthem was pretty dire and the woman singing it? Jaysus!