Friday, 12 February 2010


Oh.My.God. Holy smoke. Did you SEE that? I mean wow!
And K.D.Lang.Un-fecking-believable, I mean, I really cannot find words to describe that.
And a really, really sterling effort at inclusivity, which was about 75% successful. Amazing.


Sleepy said...

Your city did you proud!

And kd? Well, it's kd innit?
I don't care how big she gets I still would!!

Schneewittchen said...

See my thinking is, if Father Prick ever makes wrong comments in church again, stand up and shout out, 'God created kdlang, and probably in her own image!'

Sleepy said...

We'll see what he comes up with tomorrow.

And if kd is in G-d's image, so be it. I STILL would!