Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Visit

In case anyone is wondering - the eagle has landed. And was allowed to disembark without an armed escort, reclaim her luggage and was out into the Arrivals hall in less than half an hour.

I felt as though I was the only person who was collecting an actual friend, everyone else seemed to be squinting at someone with a board and going, 'Jennifer?' I'm not sure everyone was called Jennifer but you get my drift.

Outside, in the bit behind a screen of trees, sort of the place where people go to smoke when they get off the 'plane and before they go into the car park, was a bunch of people circling with placards. We watched for the length of time it took Sleepy to smoke a cigarette, but we couldn't work out what they were protesting about. Whatever it was - they wanted it now.

Sleepy is now happily willing ice dancers to fall over. And it's working.

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karemay said...

I know you and Sleepy will both have a great time:)