Tuesday, 9 February 2010


The Olympic Torch arrives in Richmond today. On the News at breakfast time we saw them fart-arsing around with it at the border crossing at Peace Arch. On the City of Richmond's website, they give its itinerary, and a list of things you may not take onto the 'Celebration Site', animals, alcohol, weapons and things that could be used as weapons. Examples they give of things that could be used as weapons are guns, knives, brollies and signs attached to poles. I had no idea that a gun wasn't primarily a weapon. And why aren't Zimmer frames in that list? I mean a senior with a walker can do a fair amount of harm.

And....now it's evening and Alex and Seth are going to go down to see if they can see it as it arrives. There have been helicopters and fighter planes overhead all day long.

Yesterday evening, we drove into Vancouver and went past a church with a sign outside that read 'Welcome Visitors, Come and meet our God!' I dunno, it sort of made me think they were expecting visitors from another planet.
Maybe they were.

The atmosphere here is incredible. Even I am aware of it.


Sleepy said...

Whoo Hoo!
I'm getting excited now!

Schneewittchen said...

Woah! Well you should be, I went on Skytrain into Vancouver just now (incidentally, a posh but reasonable coffee place - posh, because just like at Sleepy Mansions they give you a glass of water with your coffee)and it seems like EVERYONE is wearing Olympic gear/talking about the Olympics/doing something to do with them. It's just......wall-to-wall Olympiana.

Sleepy said...

Loving it!
Are they shipping in the women of, as my Grandmother would say, 'Loose Moral Standing'??

I DO hope so!

Schneewittchen said...

I wouldn't imagine they'd have to ship 'em in, but where there's brass there's...well, brasses (as I believe Del-boy used to call such fun-loving ladies).