Tuesday, 25 March 2008

An Awful Lot of Weather

Oh dearie, dearie me, so it turns out that Barack bin Obama is distantly related to George Dubya Bush.
It means nothing, says the Graun. I'm thinking that it does to Obama.

The weather seems to have gone all wonky donkey, and all over the place too. With unseasonal snowfall in Britain and some promise of some here, and floods in the mid-west of the United States, it's deffo worth talking about once again. As if it ever weren't.
Outside right now, it's raining as though it really really means it.

At work today, work, where I went for a few hours until the annual cleaning and its accompanying chemicals drove me out, Kris had received a very unpleasant e-mail, and it seems there are a lot of them about.
It informed her personally - or at least it would have done had her name been XXXX - that she was going to die because someone had taken out a contract on her and that the only way to stop this was to send the sender of the e-mail money. I would have thought that this might be a way the police could track these jerks, well, and hopefully they will.

Our friends Beth and Dave have a brand new baby girl. Congratulations to them, they have been blessed.


Sleepy said...

That death email did the rounds here too.
A few old ladies got it and were very distressed.

Schneewittchen said...

I'm not surprised they were distressed, just reading it, and even knowing that it was addressed to the Nature Park account rather than Kris's by name, gave me the willies.