Saturday, 29 March 2008

Closing Day

Drôle de guerre. I awoke at around 5, from a dream in which a bald eagle was flying above our new house and biting the beaks off other birds. A very bright red parrot lay dead on the roof. Hmm...I think both Freud and Jung would have trouble with that one.

We got the keys at midday. Then we set about deep cleaning everything in sight. We won't be watching TV or have internet there until the 15th, so I have plenty of time to clean, PLENTY.
For the time being, the Ikea catalogue never leaves my side.

The weather was cold again today, sadly not cold enough for more snow. It has swung between sunny and dark, thunderous looking clouds, then back again.
Here's a regular interchange about the weather.
'Whatever happened to global warming?'
'Going as planned feckwit, this is what they always told us would happen.'

Tonight was Earth Hour. Here's the measure of it...even Québec took part. Alberta - not so much. They thought it should be at 4 o'clock.

Angela Merkel has come out and said she won't attend the opening of the Beijing Olympics. Let's see if anyone else has the iron to say so. Maybe Mrs. Sarko will refuse to go too. In any case, good on ya Angie, you're a Mensch.


Karemay said...

Have you had actually found a house or was that all part of the dream? if so, It certainly seems a quicker way of doing things than here in the UK.

Schneewittchen said...

No, that's for real. It can be so much quicker than in the UK here, the whole system seems more geared towards actually getting ppl moving.