Thursday, 27 March 2008


I'm stunned at the headline 'Terminal 5 in Chaos on Opening Day'. Not because of the chaos, but because of the opening day. Who knew that Terminal 5 at Heathrow would one day be finished and ready to open rather than just a talking point? Madness.

I'm not bloody surprised that Berlin Zoo is in the news, I'm more surprised that it isn't more often. It has to be the disgrace at the core of Berlin. Many animals live in dire conditions there, it seems so anomalous. Now they're being accused of killing surplus animals, honestly, I hope they close down over this.

And the Dutch are holding their breath and waiting to see what happens about the film released by one of their MPs, criticising Islam. You can just see them craning their necks, waiting for something to fall to earth. We live in interesting times.

We spent yesterday on a merry-go-round. The house listings were out for the Realtors and our Realtor had a constant stream of appointments from 10.30 until 19.45, eight in all. We had to be out of the house, not normally a problem, but yesterday the Nature House was undergoing its yearly chemical peel, so I was having to work from home.
The Realtor showed the house and then in the evening, she phoned us and said that there were three offers coming in. We went home and waited with her until other Realtors brought their carefully worded offers and we had to decide which one to choose.

Because I have spent so much time in Ikea recently, especially yesterday, I now know that March is meatball madness month. Who knew? Meatball madness. Huh. The mind boggles, quite literally...boggles.

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