Monday, 24 March 2008


These stones are set in a circle and there are thirteen, representing the thirteen moons in a calendar year. On each one is the First Nations name for that month and a description of what happens in it, what the salmon, weather and plants are doing for example.

So Easter came and went.
Part of it was Easter-like and part of it was stressful.
It's odd when Easter comes, being released from the personal commitments of Lent.

Today was a day of intense early activity and then down time.
I had to get up at 5.30 to take Jeremy to the airport. Then we had to get the house ready for the Realtor and photographer for 10.30, so by then it had to be spot on.
At ten ten I was dashing around Ikea. And at ten past ten, I was pretty much able to do that without the whole population of the lower mainland impeding my progress.

Now we wait.
Dust, clean and wait.
I wonder how the world is doing...

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