Tuesday, 11 March 2008


Ah the books! Ah the irony!

My books arrived, as for the entire population, whilst I was at work, so I had to go to the Post Office again to collect them.
I felt secure-ish, since the parcel had the same name as was on my Driver's Licence.
The assistant took the delivery note.
She found the parcel.
'Are you Janis?'
She gave me the parcel.

The contents were the more exciting because I couldn't remember what I'd ordered.

From last week's parcel I have started reading a book by a Nigerian writer.
This isn't going well.
It's not that there's anything wrong with the book, it's interesting. It's just that... I am hearing the words in my head in Omid Djillali's voice, doing his Nigerian accent. I've tried to make it go away. I've tried to hear the words in my own voice, I've even tried reading it aloud, but alas, Omid just keeps creeping back in, and when I read it out loud, I then start copying the Nigerian accent.
I blame my boy for this. Chief son. He introduced us to Omid over Christmas and he sent me the books.
And I have to beat it, because in my new parcel from Amazon is another book by a Nigerian writer.


Sleepy said...

Is The Book Thief amongst this lot?

I am SO taken with this book! Never have a read a 'war' related book and had sympathy for the Germans.
Except for this one.

Schneewittchen said...

No! And I can't follow my own thinking on this. I remember you suggesting it and me saying, 'but I only want books by female authors' and then you suggested some more and Amazon did too, but somehow I ended up with one book that was by a man, Markus someone.
I may have been thinking I'd pick it up next time I come over, because when you buy books by British authors over here, they seem to be reprinted with American spelling. I can tolerate American authors with their own spelling, but not British ones, that just seems wrong somehow.
Sadly, I haven't managed to avoid that - I'm reading 'Disobedience' now.

Sleepy said...

Markus Zuzak?
He wrote The Book Thief.
Although no a lady writer, he has a couple of amazing women characters.

Schneewittchen said...

Darn! So I wonder if I just clicked on the wrong book then! Argh!!!