Wednesday, 12 March 2008


Our indoor programmes finish this week at work and then spring break happens. Happily, this year, spring break coincides with Easter.
I say make it Easter every year, but the Canadian government steadfastly refuses to comply with my demands, it's like they are deliberately ignoring me.

I have seen green frogs two days running now, but today, the temperature was a bit lower and there was no sign of the wee beasties again.

And today, the skunk arrived. We have been awaiting the skunk's arrival for two and a half years now - longer than I've been at the Park. The taxidermist was rather unwilling to stuff a skunk due to the difficulty of ridding it of its horrid, skunky smell. It seemed as though he was avoiding Kris every time she called him. But finally, de-stinked and perfectly posed, 'skunk rampant' or whatever, he or she is in our kitchen at work.

Thus far, I haven't yet seen a live skunk, which is fine by me quite frankly, given their stress-relieving habit of squirting foul-smelling liquid whenever they feel threatened. Skunks are related to weasels, and we all know that they go pop.

In work-related matters, I have to go back there this evening for the monthly board meeting. This interferes most annoyingly with my Rabbi-viewing plans, but, well, I should blame the Rabbi really, for not turning up the first time.


Sleepy said...

I had high hope after reading the title!

Oh! The Rabbi.
You have to turn up late and quote Talmud,
"Who forces time is pushed back by time; Who yields to time finds time on their hands."

Anonymous said...

I learned at my wee United Church last week that this is the first time Easter has been this early since 1915. The next time I believe is something like 2228.
Neato, I'm learning things, feeling spiritually comfortable, and sitting with a wee group of senior people, lesbians, gay men and a few straight people. Divine.
Sadly, no L Word people have shown up.
- Karen