Sunday, 1 March 2009

1st March!

St. David's day again! Only this time I was allowed to speak on the subject in church. Hurrah! (Maybe not for them).
Whisky will be drunk later, not because the Welsh are especially fond of whisky, but my dad was, and it's his birthday.
And yes, I know that dragon's green, but I just liked her.

Canada and Britain have worked together (presumably) and had a breakthrough, which is possibly world-changing, in stem-cell research. Or maybe it wasn't co-operation, perhaps it was like Nylon, perfected simultaneously in NY and LONdon. So the new technique will have to be called EDITOR, putting Edinburgh and Toronto together.

Who knew that University Challenge could generate so much controversy? First, a WOMAN showed herself to be so brilliant that she just HAD to be virulently attacked by all and sundry on the basis of what she looks like. (Remind anyone of Hillary?)Then, being even unable to agree on whether she was sexy as well as smart or just the usual speccy-frumpy and smart, they have to have a bloody witch hunt until it is found that some team member didn't get funding for his PhD and thus was no longer a student.
But the opposing team, Manchester, are being very gracious, they're giving the whole thing the full body swerve and saying, 'No, please, let's just agree that Corpus Christi, Oxford are totally brilliant, we really, really, REALLY don't need a re-match.' And they don't. Gail Trimble seems to have won the thing almost single-handed in any case, and there's no doubt that SHE's a student.
I believe my daughter's friend Hazel is at Corpus, and she is fecking brilliant too.

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Sleepy said...

Jessie's birthday too!
She was 14!