Saturday, 21 March 2009


Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, but no need WHATsoever to wonder where the birdies is. They're all over the bloody shop, shagging like it was going out of style.

I have gardened. Yep, no bloody garden, but I have gardened my little - well, moderate - arse off and now I feel all blooming and somewhat tidier on the decks.

Home Depot - what service. I thought I'd buy one of their watering cans and wrestled one from the display, only to discover that it was pre-filled! Who knew? I had an enjoyable outdoor cold shower. Oh well. I decided against buying it.

Coming back from the Depot, we followed a car with Alberta number plates. An interesting little style of driving. He (for it was a he) cut off a pedestrian, crossing on a crossing light, cut off a person on a moped, erratically changed lanes several times on the highway, then on the on ramp to the connecting highway, had some kind of quantum physics dilemma whereupon he attempted to occupy the same spacetime co-ordinates as us. And I thought the driving in Richmond was bad enough.

The spring-like day was a wonderful interlude. We've been promised more rain on Monday, I know this because on Friday, we suddenly had horizontal rain, lightning, thunder, more of the same, sunshine, rain... and the radio weather lady, of indeterminate accent - it sounds North of England/ Australian/ lived here a long time - assured us that was the back end of the weather system and the next one would be coming on Monday. Good-oh!

Mothering Sunday tomorrow, and I received a beautiful bunch of flowers today from my kids. I'm looking forward to the bewilderment on one son's face when I thank him.

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