Thursday, 19 March 2009


I now have the dreaded lurghi, and 'tis not pleasant. I shall give no details. But drinking Marmite is featuring heavily in my recovery.

Thusly, I will be terse.

What a terrible tragedy that Natasha Richardson has died, however I am astonished that her death has received more coverage as Liam Neeson's wife than as a woman in her own right. If anything, I think of her was the great Vanessa Redgrave's daughter.
It also makes me realise how lucky my nephew has been, considering the accidents he has had ski-ing.

The sentencing of Josef Fritzl for the incarceration and continual rape of his daughter reminds us of how unjust life can be sometimes. Just as with the hanging of Saddam Hussein, nothing could be done to in any way even the balance for what either of them had done. The ultimate is just not enough, so we have to trust in a higher power, whilst always remembering Portia's speech from the Merchant of Venice...." though Justice be the plea, consider this ; that in the course of justice, we none of us should see salvation...." Amazing stuff you learn at twelve and then remember for the rest of your life. (Gott bereit sein).

Meanwhile, one of the top news headlines in our Province has been an injured owl. What can you say? People love owls. And polar bears.

Right rainy weather today.

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