Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The Other Brown

No, I'm not. Sick of it that is. This snow, yesterday's snow, was perfect. It was coming down full on as I walked to work and it had already snowed during the night so that there was a lovely carpet and general blanket of it.

At the moment, we are running a 'Mammals' programme at work. At some point, I ask the children how many brothers and sisters they have, in order to compare human family sizes with those of some (other) urban mammals. Whenever I ask a kid who is a twin, they never count their twin. This happened again on Friday. Two sets of twins in the class, same thing for each.

Modern History. George Brown. Not Gordon, another legendary socialist, Harold Wilson's number two, and almost Prime Minister - were it not, according to Andrew Marr, for his inordinate drinking.
At an official function in Peru, Marr tells us, Brown, rather the worse for wear, approached, and was turned down by, 'a willowy figure in scarlet'. Brown informs same that he is, 'Her Britannic Majesty's Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs,' and wondered why he couldn't have a dance?
'For three reasons Mr. Brown,' came the reply, 'firstly, because you are disgustingly drunk, secondly, that music is not a dance, but our National Anthem, and thirdly, because I am the cardinal-archbishop of Lima.'
I think he'd have been rather a good PM myself.


Sleepy said...

Bloody Hell!
Booze robbed us of a potentially interesting PM.
What a pisser!

Schneewittchen said...

Hahaha, no kidding. Still, Wilson may have been a 'crook' (according to Marr), but he did some really good things for the country.