Thursday, 12 March 2009

The Final Frontier

On a Wednesday evening in Lent, a group of us meet to do...well, Lenty things. Meditation, quiet times, prayer, sharing.

Last night, our theme was 'preparing for death'. It was food for thought. Last year, our friend Bruce spent much of the year preparing us for his death.

But the question pertained to us personally, how do we prepare for our own death?
I found everyone's thoughts interesting.
My answer was, by trying to live an authentic life, not filling it with things that don't matter, by fighting for the things I believe in, picking the fights that are important; by stewardship of the physical, the world we will leave behind and our physical self. By spiritual gardening, allowing the spirit to grow and flourish. By not becoming overburdened with and overly attached to material things.

The final frontier.


Sleepy said...

I think I'd spend my time picking the tunes for my funeral and avoiding ATM!

Schneewittchen said...

I'd be really surprised if you and John the i-pod didn't already have that list picked out.