Saturday, 12 September 2009

Birthday Boxing Day

The hot weather has continued,so we saddled up and shipped out. We ended up at Deas Slough, where we discovered a good place to kayak, but some kind of war between canoeists and water-skiers. The accommodation reached was that 'paddle sports' were to take place before 13.30 and water-skiing after.
We arrived around 13.00. Two dragon boats came in off the water on cue, but the water-skiers were already out there.
Should we go out or not? We could hug the water margins, and there was already a kayak out there.

Some getting-on-for-senior gentleman, sitting in camping chairs by the water's edge grumbled about them.
'They pollute the water, they pollute the air, they don't have any skill and on top of all that, they play their loud music,' all of which, it must be said, was true.
'I'll help you get the kayaks into the water,' said one, settling it.

Whisky sat up on my lap at first, not happy with his life jacket, but wanting to look around. Then he snuggled down into the hull as the water got choppier, the wake from the speedboats.

We explored and we enjoyed the water and the afternoon.
Birthday Mark II

Last night's Othello didn't disappoint, and as ever, gave food for thought. Othello himself was not so much black as cup of medium strength tea coloured. The dialogue had him referring, several times, to his own black face, reminding me that the costume designer had told us that originally, Shakepeare's troupe would have performed his plays in their own clothes and without scenery and props, so the actor playing Othello would have had to keep reminding the audience that the character was black.

The backdrop to the stage was the sun setting behind the mountains, Canada geese flying across the sky, the mast of a boat crossing the water and the lights of the North Shore gradually illuminating.


karemay said...

We have an ongoing problem here. Not water sking but jet ski's which are like motor bikes on water. They have a designated area in which to play, but constantly upset canoeists, swimmers and sailors.Some hurtle through fleets of racing dinghys and worse still youngsters who are learning. Even those who stay in the designated area are a menace as the noise they make is awful.

Schneewittchen said...

Jeez, yes, I can see that being even worse. At least the motor boats with water skiers at the back have to be a little bit careful about what they can do and where they can go or they would kill the skiers. Jet skis would be the pits.