Thursday, 10 September 2009

Sleeping Dogs

This morning's health segment on the local news programme, concerned a study that had showed that couples get more sleep if they sleep apart.
I knew it would be, as soon as I saw the study reported, I thought, yep, that'll be Doctor Art's story in the morning, and it was.
Hardly makes a difference to us at the moment, since we have to get up during the night to take the dog out for a pee.

Alex had her graduation ceremony yesterday, I will be getting a DVD of it, which I'm looking forward to seeing. My own graduation ceremony was in December. This does seem like an unbelievable amount of time after being awarded a degree in June or July. Had I gone, Princess Anne would have handed me a pretend degree, I dunno, she wasn't trusted with the real things I suppose. I jest, it's never the real thing they hand out.
In fact, I was in labour with Laurence, so I missed it, and yet, didn't.

Our Province has its own auto insurance company, wouldn't want any competition in that industry, would we? It also sets the road tests and rules and what have you. Yep.
Now it has been discovered that they sold three illegally modified grow op trucks, with everything still in place that anyone would need were they going to start growing pot. Apparently a bit of a misunderstanding with the RCMP over whose responsibility it was to remove the gear.
Whilst they have been arguing about that, I wonder if it has occurred to the police to check who might want to buy such vehicles. Probably not their responsibility though.
If the Province has the motor insurance industry all sewn up, perhaps it should also consider growing and selling the pot itself, then the police could concentrate on something else like traffic violations.

If we are still in this house when I am properly old, I am going to cut down the cedar hedge that half blocks my view of the intersection so that I can sit in a rocking chair with a half-cocked air-rifle over my arm.
Whisky and I spend a lot of time on the porch proper, from where I can see all the appalling things that happen at what should be a quiet crossroads.
Far from it.
Today I witnessed one of those things that people tell you about, but I swear I've never actually seen.
A woman stopped at the intersection and applied her mascara. Eventually, a lad came up behind her and beeped and she moved off.
But here's the thing. The VERY NEXT driver to stop there, was on his cell phone. He stopped and continued his conversation, and again, someone came up behind him, but this time, just waited.

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karemay said...

You will be like Grandma Clampett from the Beverley Hillbillies.
Not there for a long while yet though Janis.
Have a very Happy Birthday, sending you lots of Love K xxx