Sunday, 6 September 2009


Essay question : "I created your civilisation, now I will destroy it." Discuss.

Ok, I will.

Imagine your are the type of Being who could legitimately say this. Why would you? You are powerful enough to create and destroy the civilisations of lesser beings, (but who nonetheless can understand your language - because they are clever enough to have learnt it) but you have a serious case of inferiority complex, otherwise you wouldn't need to tell the lesser being of your intentions, you wouldn't need to see them suffer, because you're a superior being, sorry, Being. Most humans wouldn't need to do that, you kind of imagine a superhuman wouldn't have the personality faults of the least well-adjusted of our race.
Suffice to say, the original Stargate film was on TV and Ra, the androgynous god, was addressing Alan Shore, who coped quite well without Denny Crane.

For us, this is the long weekend, our Bank Holiday, Labour Day, is tomorrow. Kevin and I have blitzed our garage - the final frontier. We visited three different recycling places this morning. You think you have no junk, and then you go through everything with a fine-tooth comb, or more...a medium-gauge comb and you discover you were wrong, and that you really did have several of that thing you keep thinking you had none of and keep buying more of.
At least now we know what we have in there.

Last night, we watched a Swedish vampire film,'Let the Right One in'. It worked for me on many levels, snow, and lots of it, simplicity, and it was thought-provoking.
It was made in 2008, which rather non-plussed me, because the furniture, clothes and buildings made it look as though it was set in the 70s. This must be the explanation, because it cannot be that the Swedes are behind us in fashion, since they gave the world Ikea. So perhaps they are actually ahead of us and we will soon once more be dressing in long scarves and stripy, knitted tank tops.
One thing that I found irritating however, was that it was dubbed rather than subtitled. This gives one the impression that Swedish people go around having bizarrely phrased conversations in flat voices, which of course we know they don't, because of the Ikea adverts.

I am working my way through the 2010 Ikea catalogue. I nearly have it memorised.

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