Thursday, 17 September 2009

Fringe Benefits

Something on the radio broke through my sports' filter today.
At first it was the interesting pronunciation of 'Arsenal' - Arse-earn-all, then shields went up again .... something about curry .... - Celtic... Eduardo.... and then..Portsmouth University - down shields! Some bloke from Pompey Uni has done a study about whether footballers are faking their diving and tackling, or not. Fascinating. Only the vaguest idea what it all means, but Pompey was on CBC radio, so who cares !

From far to near. It's weird seeing all the buildings and places we see in downtown Vancouver on 'Fringe' now. Reading the sign that says, 'The Irish Heather' pub back to front through the glass. And they do that big blocky sign hanging in the sky thing, so the words 'New York'....whatever..just ain't right.

Why does Facebook keep telling me I have mutual friends that I've never heard of ? Just because someone has the same surname as someone I do know, doesn't mean I know them.

And why are we still asking people whether they want the Olympics or not? Who tf cares? They're happening, it matters not who wants them to happen or not, the money's been spent, the buildings, roads and rail have been built. Just breathe in and think of ...wherever people who aren't English think of.

And the best news article of the day is that environmentalists dressed as suffragettes dumped six loads of horse manure at Jeremy Clarkson's home. Rock and roll!

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